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Deborah Stone is an outstanding real estate professional who has helped me and my family navigate the complex world of real estate ownership for over 10 years. Deborah has always been able to find excellent tenants for us and has swiftly and efficiently handled any issues or concerns with our properties. I have confidently recommended Deborah to many people. Whether you are looking for an excellent Property Manager for your single family home or townhome, or an agent to help you buy or sell your properties, Deborah has the experience and skills to help you.  Carol Rider L Ac.. M.T.O.M.    

Deborah Stone was referred to me when I needed a lease manager for a small commercial property. She has been a wonderful asset for nearly 2 years. She found a perfect tenant, did all the vetting and handles any issues that come up. She is timely, straight forward and thoughtful. I will happily recommend her service to anyone needing a commercial leasing and management professional. ~C.B.~

 I’ve worked with Deborah Stone on several real estate transactions, and she is a true professional, knowledgeable and a straight-shooter.  When I’ve had questions about real estate purchases, rental property, and (unfortunately for me) a short-sale, Deborah has always provided expert advice and resources.  Amy V.

 Deborah is a true professional. I’m a 50+ single woman, not very experienced in business matters. She assisted me in selling a home, which had $300K+ in equity, and purchase 3 condos, executing a 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange. A what?? Yes I never had heard of this before, but she explained how I could “move equity” from an investment property into 1 (or more) other investment properties, and pay no taxes. The beauty of this is that I have now increased teethmy net worth, avoided Capital Gains taxes, and have a very comfortable looking future retirement. -C.M.K.-

Deborah did an outstanding job renting my town-home.It was rented in less then a week and at a great price.I ‘m very pleased with her choice of a tenant and know she will manage my property in a very professional manner. Thanks Deborah  ~Cynthia Terry

I’ve worked with Deborah Stone on many transactions. Small to mid-sized investment properties are her niche and she does a GREAT job. She is able tojump through hoops help you from soup to nuts…..even if you own a 1 BR starter condo and know NOTHING about being a landlord, she’ll pave the way and make it so easy. She knows it all. 1031 Exchanges, buying or selling, renovations, tenant retention, staging, leasing….her Brokers are even Real Estate Attorneys. Seriously— one stop shopping!   Jay M.


Thank you for  inquiring about Deborah Stone property management services, here is my opinion of her services in the following summary:

  1. She is currently managing our residential property in SD.
  2. We found her professionalism with courteous,knowledgeable and update in her field and always gives us good advice and guides us toward the right direction/decision.
  3. She is very responsible, pretty much a “NO NONSENSE” lady that works really hard to look out for our interest – That’s important!

 When we first met Deborah in February 2009, we were trying to put our property “FOR SALE”, but due to the market value as it was, and still is, Deborah and us exchanged a few ideas and explored other possibilities, finally, we decided go with rental for a period of time, 2 – 5 years of waiting until the housing market is a little more healthy or whatever, then we will determine “what to do” at such time.

 I am in the architectural professional myself,we are extremely satisfied with the services she provided and therefore highly recommend your consideration of her services.

You are welcome to contact me if you have other question!


Nhi On Chi, Indianapolis, IN

 Deborah is very knowledgeable in the rental market.  She has rented my condo out three times and finds the best tenants.  She is honest, professional and trustworthy and it has been a pleasure working with her over the past years.  I highly recommend Deborah’s broker services to anyone looking to rent out their home quickly and at the best possible price.  E.A.


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