Things To Give Up After 50—-OH, Really??

—–Things to give up after 50—Oh Really?

 Yes folks, I am over 50——hard to believe, with the spring still in my step and the “don’t trust anyone over 30” attitude, Woodstock just a memory (from my older sister of course). A recent edition of the AARP Bulletin had this to say in the following Ridiculist.

Words To Ax: Whatever (ok — whatever) Sick! (really?) Smashed (overserved or hammered…hmmm I think smashed still works well in some situations) Hot (except when referring to flashes?) Kick it (nope, can’t lose this one, I still like to kick it with some old pals.)

 What Not To Wear: Miniskirts, low-rise pants, super tight skinny jeansT-shirts that say “sexy grandma”, purses with dogs, gold chains. (oh jeez, I got to rethink my entire wardrobe?)long hair past your shoulders (mohawk time), piercings and tatoos (aw come on– that’s no fun)

 Things Never To Do Again: Jell-o shots, Karaoke after Jell-o shots (darn–got to change my plans on Friday night), Drinking champagne from your son’s girlfriend’s shoe (I don’t have a son—phew)

 Anybody have anything to add to this Ridiculist?


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