My Last Showing Was Like a Seinfeld Episode

JOY wordNow I know why Lockboxes were invented.

I have a new listing in a niche that I am interested in growing—needless to say I wanted to make a really good impression on my client.

We signed all the paperwork, and obtained the key to the property. Since this is probably not a property I am going to “co-broke” I decided to keep the key in my car.

When I went to the property last week to inspect the signage, I was getting out of my car with the key in hand. I turned quickly and the key dropped—–between the leather driver’s seat and the console. I tried everything to get it out—-moving the seat back, and even trying to place my hand in—-resulting in a nasty cut. I decided I had better ask the owner for another key asap, since I knew she was out of town and didn’t want to be caught “keyless” with an interested client.

Of course I immediately got a sign call and a client wanted to see the property—I told him the story about the key and he said he would come armed with flashlight and tools for a quick extraction.

It was a tough one——but finally, the client got the key with a long metal rod, and handed it to me. Of course we both had a good laugh over that one. (and I had some new ideas for Nissan’s auto interior design team!!)

 The property was not going to work for him, but he sure helped me out!

 Moral of the story: Even if a client doesn’t purchase a property, he still may be important——and oh yeah———–Lockboxes are for keys—-use them!




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