Do You Have A Personality?


sad manWhat a question to ask—most RE professionals I know are “people persons” with a strong desire for social connection. Well, at least that’s what you should have to make it in this business.


Is this just specific to Real Estate? I don’t think it is. As we all work with many vendors, dealing with “wet blanket” or “cranky” personalities can really get you down—–and I shy away from utilizing the services of these people—no matter how great their product or service is!


Example: Last month I had to hire a painter for a small condo that one of my clients owned. His prices were very fair. When he came down to look at the job, he had nothing to say. Responses were “grunts” or “ok”–now I know this part of the business may be a bit tougher for some folks. But honestly, if you really dislike engagement with all types of people, you really need to find yourself another industry. (undertaker, computer programmer?)


I ended up hiring another painter, with a very “can do” attitude and a sharp wit. He did a great job, and even “discounted” my client 10% as an incentive to use his services again.


Is “wet blanket” guy the better painter? Beats me—-but I sure won’t be using his services to find out! Make sure your clients don’t do the same.




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