A Mother’s Wisdom


A friend told me this over and over again: Deborah you’ve just got to write a book about all the wisdom your mother has instilled in you. Now writing any kind of a book is probably not on my “2013 to do” list but I thought, hey I could do the next best thing—write a Blog Post.

 My mother’s wisdom was unusually basic common sense, or so I thought. Then I realized many folks didn’t have the advantage of a wise mother, one who had lived through tough economic times, but yet had a loving family and a lot of emotional support.

 Some of her favorite sayings and advice can be applied to my real estate career but could probably be applied to most life situations.

“Don’t give out Bad Kharma because you can’t go through life like this—it WILL come back to you”Now I don’t recall her ever using the word “Kharma” but it sure as heck meant the same thing in Yiddish. Don’t hurt others intentionally—-it’s bad practice.


“You will have enough money if you make it enough money”. She was a practical person and couldn’t understand why anyone would need more money than they could possibly spend—-of course necessities were not considered options, and we didn’t lack food or other essentials. But the “scramble after things” always confused her and she saw how it made people unhappy.


“Children are like sponges—they soak in everything—-so be very careful what you DO.” This was great advice for not just talking about being honest,  but by “living an honest life” to set an example for your kids.

 “If you fail, get yourself up and try again”Ok –now easy to say, right? Well her insistence to not ever give up was a real comfort to me during some very lean business years.

 “Even if you don’t have a dime in your pocket, hold your head up high and walk like a princess”. Right? I loved this advice in times of struggle—it sure helped when I “pretended” the checking account was overflowing!

 “Don’t complain about spending money on groceries—-it’s cheaper than going to the Doctor.”  You just got to love that type of thinking—–and it’s so true.


 “Spending 2 years with the right man is better than spending an entire lifetime with the wrong one.”  I just had to throw this in for good measure.


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