The Neighborhood Realtor—Viable or Extinct?

The Neighborhood Realtor—-this——>






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I’m not going to lie——-I’ve never been a “neighborhood realtor”—always had a “niche” and a specialty which took me way beyond just geographical bounds.

I specialize in Investment Property Sales (usually represent the Seller), and Property Management of SFR’s. I often will represent a Buyer but only with a Buyer Broker Agreement (representing an investor without a contract has proven to be a huge waste of time). I have an open market geographically, more or less, since the entire county (within a specified driving distance) is my “farm”.

In the late 90’s, I had to defend my position of not farming “geographically” and didn’t want to be a “Buyer’s Agent” in a few small blocks. I am not knocking this type of real estate, since many Agents have success with this marketing plan, but in this global market where anyone can come from anywhere and purchase anything, I found it like shooting myself in the foot—closing off opportunities in these tough times we all face.

Has the neighborhood Realtor gone the way of the dinosaur? Or is it still a viable marketing plan?

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