Do You Have ICKY Clients?

Do you have icky clients? The ones who second guess everything you say, call you at all hours expecting you to drop everything and listen to their woes, take eons to get signed contracts back,and generally are decent people but difficult as hell?

I have clients like that, and some days you just want to be honest and tell them that they are hugely annoying and it would be nice if they could just chill out, and let you do your job…which is REAL ESTATE agent, not marriage counselor, therapist, accountant, dog sitter, locksmith, window washer or yard maintenance.

BUT do you also have that one (or 2 if you are lucky) client who worships the ground you walk on, will make every effort to co-operate with you to make your job easier, respects your free time and sends you Starbucks gift cards “just because” and appreciates just how hard you work and will often tell you?


I won’t mention his name, although I hope he is reading this Blog—you know who YOU are—–and I appreciate you more than words can say.


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