Farmer’s Markets- Are They Just For The Privileged?


I live in San Diego where buying local produce all year round is a luxury I have grown accustomed to. What a privilege it is to purchase local heirloom tomatoes in the dead of winter, fresh strawberries picked just a few hours before, avocados grown a few miles away.


There are several Farmer’s Markets in San Diego metro and I shop at them a couple times/week. I don’t have to worry about freshness, I use my own bags, and can sample all the fresh cheeses and fruits… buying at an open air market is a really fun and interactive experience.


Today some of my purchases:nectarines ($1.00 each), an avocado and small bag of lemons for ($4.50) and 6 Fingerling potatoes ($5.00)I don’t eat a lot of meat, so fresh local/organic produce makes up a great deal of my diet—–pinching pennies in this area is not an option. I was just wondering how the family with 2-3 kids manages in this tough economy? It would seem unlikely to me that a family of 4 could afford to shop at a Farmer’s Market on a regular basis.


Farmer’s Markets have seen an upsurge in the past few years with everyone concerned about factory farms,their food source, and living a greener lifestyle. You see ads singing the praises of buying local and shopping at Farmer’s Markets. Maybe some families could cut out cable t.v. or give up eating at restaurants on occasion. But even so, spending hundreds of dollars/week is not in the budget of many working class families.


Are Farmer’s Markets only meant for well-off urbanites?



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