Thanks Mom-For Teaching Me Survival Skills

Have you ever wondered why some people struggle with some issues that seem so basically easy to deal with? Or they just can’t seem to get their “act in gear”, be they teenagers or mid-lifers? Some folks get stuck in life and don’t know how to dig their way out.

In the past few months it seemed like everything had gone awry. Business was slow, I recently twisted my knee, a close friend was having health problems, and I have been traveling alot since my daughter’s wedding is planned for this summer. Shopping, cleaning and work all had to get done, no matter what. A dress for the shower? Carpool to my Activist meeting? Balance the budget? All seemingly simple activities, but add them to a full time career and it gets daunting

 The other day I was out and about in San Diego. I had a huge list of errands and some business related work to get accomplished. I thought of all the other things I needed to do, and for a moment I got a bit overwhelmed. But something kicked in and I was able to pick myself up, and forge ahead. 

 I owe alot to my mother for teaching me some “old school” Survival Skills.

Organize your life (clean your room, do your homework, prepare for exams)

Learn how to laugh at yourself (don’t take yourself too seriously–in the grand scheme of life, your’re not that important)

Stress management (cup of tea, hot bath and early to bed)

Create a positive life (help friends in need, volunteer and give back)

Balance your budget (taught me how to sew, plan meals, save babysitting money)

Create a nice home (fresh flowers, don’t save the good China for company)

Feel empathy for your enemies (no gossiping at the dinner table)

Don’t envy anyone (you never know what goes on behind closed doors)

Don’t give up—EVER!

In all of these skill sets, I was taught to deal with problems head on in a very old-fashioned framework, instead of allowing them to topple me.

Organize, laugh, de-Stress, stay positive, budget your $$, home sweet home, have empathy, don’t be jealous, don’t give up— –doesn’t that just about describe everything we need to be successful in life?







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