STUFF…Less is More!

We all have it! Most of us have too much of it.

How does this relate to real estate?

The other day I was at a client’s house. It was a lovely, large sprawling home with unique windows and moldings. The problem was: there was “stuff” everywhere! I don’t mean laundry or dirty dishes or toys, but artwork and knick-knacks and statues from India and trays from Africa and wall hangings from China and prisms from Peru.

Have you watched that Real Estate program where the Seller’s house is critiqued by an agent with design experience and an eye for style? Well, I wish she could have helped these folks out. The problem is that most Sellers really like looking at their “stuff” and assume the Buyer will too. WRONG! Nothing turns a Buyer off more than a mass of souvenirs, artwork and photos in every conceivable space and on every wall. It detracts from the lines of the house and has a “cluttered” feel to it. Buyers like to imagine themselves living in the space and the more neutral the décor, the easier time the Buyer has.

So, I immediately went home and started to “declutter” my space and noticed how serene and peaceful my home looked.

A good lesson: in this tough economy we need to realize that “stuff” is just a waste of money and clutters up our life…and ultimately may cause a potential Buyer to head out the door.


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