Customer Service–People Skills (Or Lack Thereof) Will Make Or Break Your Business

If you follow my Blog posts, you will know that I believe customer service is crucial to being a success in business. You can know your product or service inside and out, and have 40 years experience but if you don’t have people skills you will not be the front runner in your industry. As a matter of fact, a less experienced person may take your business, just because they know how to deal with people.

I had to search for a Bridal Hair and Make-up Stylist in the NH./Vermont area for my daughter’s upcoming wedding on Labor Day week-end. I thought a few phone calls, a few conversations and some References would certainly do the job. WRONG! What I ran into was extremely frustrating——unreturned phone calls, or calls returned in a not so timely fashion and snippy comments.

One person said they don’t work on week-ends. Period. (This is a hair salon.) No exceptions, wedding or not, and certainly can’t go on location to the venue, they just “don’t do it”. The bride would have to come into the salon “a couple days before” (are you kidding me?). Another Stylist was booked solid, offerred no alternative names, no congratulations, nothing. Another one got back to me in a timely fashion, yet showed zero enthusiasm, or even that she possessed a personality of some sort. I mean, if you were having your hair and make-up done a few hours before your wedding ceremony, wouldn’t it be nice to have a stylist with a little warmth and humour to calm your nerves? Another Stylist called back, and gave me a rundown of her expertise, training and availability. Her manner was professional, her pricing competetive and you could sense her enthusiasm. Guess who deserves MY business?

Folks, if you don’t LOVE what you do, get out now–you will never be a success. Real Estate is not a business you can feel “lukewarm” about. It is just too intense and people-oriented.

Customer Service with a huge smile and a warm welcome—our clients deserve it!

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