Oh Real Estate Career—How Do I Love Thee—-Let Me Count The Ways!

When I read articles online about retirement, I am sure they are not meant for me. The gold watch, the diamond pin, and the end of careers for those who have turned 65. Now I am willing to accept the fact that I am in complete denial about my age…..somewhere north of 50…….BUT I am also astounded at how “young” many of the people I know who are over 50. To think of them playing canasta by the pool with other “seniors”, staying home all day and watching t.v. or just buying into the myth that your working days are done at 60+ is comical. These are people with vibrant careers, good health and skills that they have accumulated over the years.

 I sense a paradigm shift in the way our system has evolved over the past century. A Long Bright Future by Laura Carstensen, Ph.D is a great book which has a refreshing view on aging and the way our culture is not currently organized to maximize the 30+ years many of us will have after the age of 65. Due of course to the advances in modern medicine, living to 100 years old may not be so preposterous after all. I am not sure if that is my goal in life BUT I sure would like to have ALL my later years be healthy and productive ones.Which brings me to the topic: My career in Real Estate. How fortunate am I that when I approach 65 and beyond that I can work as many or as few hours per week, with my age being 100% irrelevant to my job? No glass ceiling? Work that can be intertwined with my personal life–Dr.’s appointments, lunch with friends, working out at the gym, week-ends away with my significant other? No need to “clock in” or “call in sick”. Where my age and experience are benefits, not drawbacks?

Every day you make your schedule to accomodate your clients and yourself. You have some weeks where that is not possible, but as you wind down your schedule, your autonomy in this business is truly astounding.

 Sure, we have had to put up with economic cycles, bank meltdowns, failed escrows, cranky clients, uncertainty and years of no/low business. But in the long run, I think I have a “retirement proof” (and one of the best) careers on the planet!

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