NYC Week-End Photos-Food For Thought


I have always liked to photograph food, and spend many an hour rustling around the stalls at farmer’s markets around the world scoping out my next shot. I get curious looks from the merchants, wondering why I am taking pictures and not buying.
Since I had to be in NYC for family business this past week-end I decided to use the little free time I had to shoot some photos. I noticed that food (and trash) were just about everywhere, and I did find some surprises…. like an entire container of French Fries on a subway grate and the 8 varieties of potatoes at the farmer’s market in Union Square.  From fresh lobsters to sesame covered Chinese treats, shiitake mushrooms and unusual radishes with a pinwheel design, here’s some food for thought.


And last but not least on the subway steps, a sad testament to NYC life:








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