30 Common Title Problems


1.  Impersonation of the true owner of the land

2.   Forged deeds, releases, etc.

3.   Instruments executed under fabricated or expired power of attorney

4.   Deeds delivered after death of grantor/grantee, or without consent of grantor

5.   Deeds to or from defunct corporation

6.   Undisclosed or missing heirs

7.    Misinterpretation of wills

8.    Deeds by persons of unsound mind

9.   Deeds by minors

10.   Deeds by illegal aliens

11.   Deeds by persons supposedly single but secretly married

12.    Birth or adoption of children after date of will

13.     Surviving children omitted from will

14.     Mistakes in recording legal documents

15.     Want of jurisdiction of persons in judicial proceedings

16.     Discovery of will of apparent intestate

17.     Falsification of records

18.     Claims of creditors against property sold by heirs or devisees

19.     Deeds in lieu of foreclosure given under duress

20.     Easements by prescription not discovered by a survey

21.     Deed of community property recited to be separate property

22.     Errors in tax records, e.g., listing payment against wrong property

23.     Deed from a bigamous couple

24.     Defective acknowledgements

25.     Federal condemnation without filing notice

26.     Corporation franchise taxes, a lien on all corporate assets

27.     Erroneous reports furnished by tax officials

28.     Administration of estates of persons absent but not deceased

29.     Undisclosed divorce of spouse who conveys as consort’s heir

30.     Marital rights of spouse purportedly, but not legally, divorced

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