International Grocery Store in North Park, San Diego, CA Has Something For Everyone..


North Park Produce — 3551 El Cajon Blvd–San Diego, CA

Do you get bored with traditional groceries in the large supermarkets? Do you crave an alternative to a bland boring salad or burgers for dinner? Then come on down to North Park Produce in metro San Diego, CA.

The aisles of this little gem are stocked to the brim with international foods. To name just a few items: Bulgarian juices, Indian chutneys, Mideast flatbreads, Lebanese hummus, Greek feta, Israeli juices, Armenian eggplant paste, Ukrainian juice, Moroccan sardines, Persian cucumbers and Chinese noodles. There are bulk spices and grains, salamis, olives and pickled veggies. A huge meat dept. offering well priced cuts of meat and some are hard to find in most markets.


 A cheese dept. that has about a dozen different Feta cheeses from all over the world. They will let you sample a tasty bite of any cheese you may want. And pickled peppers…

There is an aisle of international teas, and one of pastries from an L.A. bakery specializing in Middle Eastern cakes and cookies. A huge fresh produce dept. that has the best prices on locally grown items. 5 different brands of yogurt and at least a dozen different juices at last count, and 10 brands of olives are seriously inexpensive. And salamis….

The produce clerks are always eager to help. Last time I was there Romaine was 2 heads for $1.00.

As you exit the store the “Tamale” lady has a cart where you can purchase home-made tamales for a quick snack.

Parking is tricky sometimes, but not impossible.

Come to North Park Produce in metro San Diego, CA to do your food shopping and experiment with food from a different culture. You’ll be glad you did.

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