What’s with the DOG….?

I don’t know about you, but I am a pet lover. I don’t have a dog or cat of my own, but I really love them. I  have a horse, who I also love. But would I even think of putting them on my business card picture? I don’t understand how Realtors can do this…or why? If you sell “horse properties/ranches”, sure this makes sense. But I am talking about your average Realtor who wants to “stand out ” and show off her beloved pet. This is fine. But on your business card?

What goes through my mind is “this looks ridiculous”. I know the reasoning: trying to appeal to dog lovers as clients. I think it’s silly and doesn’t make sense. Is your dog accompanying you to showings? Opening lockboxes? Searching the MLS for new listings? Negotiating contracts?

Now I know many would not agree with me, but when you put Fido on your lap for your business card, I don’t take it seriously. I just have a good laugh and shake my head in amazement.

Am I just getting old and no fun anymore?


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