Identity Theft…it could happen to YOU.


I added an “Identity Theft” policy to my homeowners insurance for just $60/year. At first, I thought, oh no, more insurance premiums? Then, I found out about the program that Farmers Insurance had to offer me.  (This is not an ad for Farmer’s Insurance). This program provides me with the opportunity to proactively manage my identity through credit reports and credit and public records monitoring. Should I become a victim of ID theft, assistance is provided 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. (Think: less red tape)This also applies if you are traveling. On their website you can find articles and tips on how to protect your identity, information on criminal activities and the most current ID scams. AND if this is not enough, you can have all your credit cards and bank accounts  continually monitored so that unusual activity is picked up immediately.

Remember,it’s not IF Identity theft is going to happen,it’s WHEN.

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