Be A Mensch——–First “Touch” Is The Most Important.

Real Estate is a people business, which means you have got to have well developed communication skills. Of course we all know that but what really does it mean to “sell yourself” to someone you have never met? After all we “meet” online or in a phone call nowadays, and the ability to communicate without facial cues is even more important.

Mensch is a Yiddish word and the definition of ‘Mensch” is:
A person having admirable characteristics such as fortitude and firmness of purpose. Fundamental decency. Integrity and honor. Someone to admire. Character. Responsibility.

All the traits that you would look for in a person representing you financially, right?

Make an impression on the phone by being friendly, non combative and optimistic. Show the desire to help your client to solve their problem. Be interested in their small talk and offer to accomodate them at their convenience. Smile when you talk.This is crucial to progressing to the next level: getting your foot in the door. Getting in person to see them is always the goal, but if they sense they cannot relate to you, you lose. You can have all the best marketing material in the world, but if your people skills are not top notch, it won’t matter. That first phone call is everything.—be a Mensch!




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