Lighten Up——-Nobody Takes Facebook That Seriously Anymore, Do They?

I’ve come out of the closet on Facebook, so to speak.

When I first started using Facebook a few years ago, I didn’t know what to make of it. Actually the first time I heard of it was on a tour bus in China, heading to the Great Wall on a day trip. I had spent the day with a few 20-somethings from L.A. and the U.K and we wanted to keep in touch after the trip and share our photos. One of the guys asked me: “Are you on Facebook?” and my response was “…Face-WHAT?” He gave me a look only a picture could do justice to——–Since I was a tad –**ahem**— older than them, you know the look, the disbelief that ANYONE on the planet could not possibly be involved with social media.

Fast forward 4 years and I can’t imagine life without Facebook…. but it was a struggle at first when I found my old neighbor posting half clad photos of himself swigging beer from a keg, a High School friend posting religious psalms and lots of comments I couldn’t imagine were coming from normal, everyday people. I laboriously deleted comments, and defriended the “perpetrators of evil”, checking my page hourly to make sure any “clients” would not be offended. I find having a business page helps, but there is so much “cross pollination” that it almost makes no difference.


Well folks, I finally decided that Facebook is what it is— an open forum of friends, family, clients and X’s. My former room-mates dripping sinus congestion should not offend anyone anymore than my colleagues tot walking around in a dirty diaper, or the occasional coworker who posts R.E. listings ad nauseam. Does the fact that my friend’s husband is a Tea Partier or my daughter’s boyfriend a vegan or an old pal going through a sex-reassignment surgery have anything to do with clients using my services? Or all that Right Wing and Obama-hate rhetoric—–is that really going to offend someone? I say, let them read what they want, believe what they want, and decide for themselves. Surely a normal person is not going to take offense at someone’s daily drivel on Facebook…or even have the time to read most of it.


So now I can relax when I am tagged in a photo swigging beer out of my neighbor’s keg!!


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