Weather in San Diego–It IS All THAT—

The climate in San Diego is categorized as semi-arid or Mediterranean—-no freezing temperatures in winter and very dry summers. Other countries which have a Mediterranean climate: Cental Chile, southwestern Australia, Western Cape in South Africa, and countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. There are many microclimates in San Diego and often a variation of 20 degrees or more can be seen from East County to the beaches.

Annual temperatures run from 57.3F in January to 72F in August although late summer and early Fall is the hottest time of year, sometimes reaching 90F. May and June tend to be “foggy” and as we San Diegans call it “June Gloom”. Temperatures tend to soar only on rare occasions, which is when the Santa Ana winds blow (winds from the inland deserts). This is also the time of year when there is the greatest risk of fire.The average annual rainfall is less than 12″.

Most locals will tell you that most of the time they do not rely on A/C or heat.

Fun Facts:

Fall is our “summer” exhibiting the hottest temperatures of the year

We do get snow ( Laguna mountains, Cuyamaca and Julian)

Skiing is only a 2.5 hour drive to Big Bear (E. of L.A.)

You can surf, ski, horseback ride (and/or) 4-wheel drive in the desert, all in the same day

Wearing shorts all year round is our “claim to fame”

May and June are generally chilly and overcast (especially in beach areas)

Winters are a bit rainy but seldom does it rain for more than a couple of  hours at a time

Central heat is uncommon in most houses and ceiling fans usually take the place ofA/C

It’s a great place to buy a 2nd home—–rent it out when you’re not using it. Call me for investment advice.

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