Great Tenants, Rent Paid, Well-Kept Home——-You’re Fired!


You know the clients who you can’t do anything right for? The ones who have you jump through hoop after hoop, only to put another hoop in the way? Well I was just fired for doing everything right! Yup, you heard it here folks.

I started out by getting them a great cleaning person, to save them money—–bad idea—–the cleaning person didn’t work hard, long or fast enough for them. (Forget that the previous tenants had trashed the carpet,almost burned the unit down with a fire in the oven, and left a filthy mess complete with dog poop). Then I had a new vanity replaced in the bathroom—-contractor was rude, the vanity was a piece of garbage, and the finished product was nothing to write home about—there was even some caulking spots on the floor! (imagine).Next was a pool key situation that was “all my fault” because the tenant was not advised of a new lock in the common areas and yadda yadda yadda ad nauseam. You’d think Rome burned down a 2nd time! And it goes on, but I will stop here.

Top notch tenants paying the rent on the 1st of the month for 2 years, no pets, place is immaculate and no complaints—–except from the unreasonable owner. Am I glad to see him go? You betcha! 


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