Facebook: The Seinfeld Effect—or What Gets The Most Comments?


Had you asked me a year ago if I use Facebook, I would have said yes, I do……….on occasion……..I check in with my nieces, family members and friends to share photos and see what everyone is up to. After all, who needs to talk on the phone if you can text, e-mail or FB? However over the past year I have finally begun to use Facebook more often———not necessarily to update my Property Management and Investor page (although this is not a half bad idea) and not to advertise my new Listing or even to brag about my closed Escrow!  But considering myself a somewhat spiritual person, with a sense of what’s fair and a (great) sense of humour to boot, I often post a QUOTE of the day like these:


“Learn to listen: Opportunity sometimes knocks very softly” or “Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it” or“Happiness is having a large, loving, close-knit family in another city”.


Great quotes, huh? 1 lousy comment (from a close friend) on all these quotes. That’s it!


Now, I posted this on Facebook the other day:


 TUNA FISH (aerial view)

“I opened a can of Bumble Bee CHUNK WHITE Albacore tuna and got this—–not the first time this has happened. I need to have a serious chat with their QC Dept.”


I got 16 comments, many from people I barely knew! People who I would like to start  discourse with (in professions that have loads of contacts), …… after all, Facebook should be used to————to——–that’s it! BINGO! Widening your social circle. Well, how else to do that unless you occasionally blog about everyday trivia? Posts on NOTHING! Things that every person goes through—-from the can of tuna to the wet dishtowel on the patio, stuff we all have in common!!


Now I am not saying to inundate your Facebook page with nonsense on a daily basis, but your occasional rant about NOTHING—The Seinfeld Effect—- will draw in some new faces, and from those new faces you may be able to establish some new “circles” for business…………….I think I figured it out————or DUH maybe that is why they call it Facebook? 

P.S.I just recevied FREE coupons for 2 cans of Bumble Bee tuna from their Consumer Affairs Dept. (This time I will buy SOLID, not CHUNK.)




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