Do You Find Me Boring, Irrelevant, A Pain In The Neck?

Do you find me boring, irrelevant, a pain in the neck? Does my work as a Realtor offend you, make you cringe, wish I lived on the moon? Well if not —then—- why won’t you read my Blog?

Just thumb through my Blog. You will find information about Investing, 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges, Tenant Issues and even a great Jamaican Restaurant in San Diego! I’m the bomb!! You’ll be amazed at all the “comments” from other Realtors who think I am WAY cool, a decent writer and even funny! Hey I even got a handful of my Blog posts ****featured***  on Active Rain and that’s the highest of compliments in the free world!

What is Active Rain, you may ask? Why it’s the coolest Real Estate website/blog platform in the USA, filled with information about the Real Estate market, where Realtors from across the country refer clients to each other, exchange information,advice and even recipes—we have contests! We make friends! We ooh and ahh over each other’s dogs and cats and pet hamsters! We lend emotional support and empathy, laugh at each other’s funny stories and offer assistance in tough situations. We share information on home inspections, title insurance, home staging and working with clients. Heck, if one of us loses alot of weight we “high five” their Blog post, give ’em a big thumbs up and cheer them on.

So all you family members and friends, I may like blue cheese but I don’t live on the moon——–READ MY BLOG—go ahead, make my day!!!

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