Hardly Working?—–or Working Hard?—-The Best Job In The World.

I live in a small, peaceful condo complex in San Diego. I have been working at home for years, going into my office about twice a week. I love the peace and quiet of East County, and the complex’s location right near a lake and park. So, in true So Cal fashion, I am unfashionable (according to Madison Ave). most of the time. Oh– I wear good quality Old Navy flip-flops, matching tank tops and the best quality jean shorts, always coupled with a stylish baseball cap. Comfortable and cool, I am driving around, dropping off keys, checking landscaping on properties I manage, marketing, blogging, working on my laptop at Starbucks, just conversing with clients or listening to a Webinar. The problem?

Well my neighbors think I am living the life of leisure. I drive a new car,
am “home” all the time and ——–I  don’t seem to have “employment”. And why am I carrying a briefcase around—-dressed in jeans and t-shirt? Must be doing a  “drug drop”, or maybe laundering money?  And sometimes, I even take
an hour off and sit by my pool, iPod in tow, catching my breath from a hectic day. “Oh look at her, lazing around while we have to work so hard. Must be nice”. Grrr.

I try to be friendly, just maybe they can refer me some business? I try to look like I am busy at work——but my job description is so gosh darned variable it’s hard to look professional with a headset and a ponytail at the pool! I try to have a look that says “Yeah, I am working as hard as you are” but they just won’t buy it!!

IDEA————-I will have a T-shirt printed up and it will say: “REALTOR AT WORK——-HONEST”. 

Do you think they’ll believe it? I sure hope so………gosh darn it—-if we have to convince people we are really working—–don’t we have the best job in the world?






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