I recently opened escrow for Buyers who received the traditional CA Disclosure package, Termite Report and Natural Hazards Report from the Listing Agent. They were e-mailed in .pdf file and forwarded to my Buyers and myself. The total amount of pages is 100+ (Natural Hazards Report is close to 40 pages).  Buyers do not have an easy way to print out 100+ pages. (Hey let’s face it, that’s alot of ink and paper to use for anyone with less than stellar printing capabilities). Buyers asked if the Listing Agent could print them out, and give them to me for her to sign.



I thought  of printing out only the pages for Buyers signatures, but many documents require initials at the bottom of each page. Should I print out the 100+ pages? Is it the responsibilty of the Listing Agent to provide Docusign and if not, provide hard copy printouts for Buyers?



Is there a way to convert a Buyer to Docusign, or am I missing an easier way for this all to be accomplished? Am I distressed over nothing?



Thank you in advance for your input.




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