Facebook Follies: Big Brother is Watching YOU!

This post should be under “rants” because I really need to unleash my dismay and incredulity (is this even a word?) at what some folks deem appropriate to put on Facebook.

After having read an article about how the CIA had invented Facebook to glean information about people, I started to realize how true this may be. After all, if you think Google doesn’t have an idea of what you like to do in your spare time, what you read and how you spend your money, you are seriously delusional. It is one of the biggest marketing ploys known to mankind. And your iPhone–a veritable GPS, where “Big Brother” knows your every move and who you talk to on a regular basis (and what you say). Amazon knows your reading preferences and a slew of other things you buy online are all recorded into some massive database. Paranoid? Maybe—maybe not.

Back to Facebook. a family member of a friend of mine, who works at a large American Corporation consistently says unflattering remarks about his boss. Another former client of mine curses daily (and I am not talking about mild cursing here) on his posts. An old pal of a friend of mine posts pictures of herself wearing the skimpiest of bathing suits, barely legal I might add. Added to this: the blathering fools who pat themselves on their back so loudly you can hear it through the laptop, the ones who post about their fabulous lives with kitchy travelogues, their amazing kids who just earned 4 PhD’s in one year and the meek-looking office worker who cross-dresses on week-ends.

I think the use of social networking is great, and I really like what it has done for us on many levels– BUT somewhere, some folks got off course. Do they think that the internet is their personal brag-book, daily shopping list or a place to air their dirty laundry complete with expletives? Or “friending” a pal’s x-husband to get back at her? Or describing what you find in your kid’s diaper this morning? All these are true events and I often just delete these posts/hide these “friends” so as not to offend any clients of mine who may want to contact me.

I would like to hear from others who think Facebook postings may have gotten out of hand.Let’s send a message to the professionals out there to watch what they say online because Big Brother is truly watching them!



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