I Am Loving It–My New Apple iPhone 4G



I did it—I purchased the new Apple iPhone 4G. I was actually forced into it—not being able to access my e-mail immediately, texting became too difficult with my old phone,  and needing a GPS and other Apps. I actually felt like a dinosaur with my old flip phone.  You can’t beat an iPhone for travel either. With weight and baggage restrictions on airlines, I don’t miss the bulky laptop. (remember when we thought laptops were so small and convenient, compared to our desk top computers.)?

Taking video is so easy!  Although I don’t know much of the difference from the older iPhone models, I like all the bells and whistles built into one device.It’s sleek, thin and I give it a  BIG “thumbs up”.

Apple offers FREE classes at their Mission Valley store in San Diego, CA.

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