Why I Love Laminate Flooring and How It Saves $$$ in Rentals

When I told my sister I had put laminate flooring in one of my rental units, she asked if that were the same as wood. I explained that it was a heavy vinyl product with a wood grain. She didn’t like the idea of putting a “picture of wood” on the floor! I laughed out loud, because in essence, that is really what it is….BUT….there have been huge advances in laminate wood flooring and the finished product looks amazingly similar to wood. It is so durable you could have 2 elephants walk on it and have no damage (don’t try this at home,kids).

My caveat would be: Stick to tile for kitchens and baths, as water left on laminates can cause serious damage. (as on wood also).

After 7 years of laminate flooring this is what I found out:

  1. Tenants LOVE this flooring

  2. Eliminates annual carpet cleaning costs and replacement of carpets after just 3 or 4 years (if you are lucky)

  3. A few light scratches can be inked in with a “pen” and/or replaced with an extra board at minimum cost.

  4. Easy to keep clean with a flat mop-head and vinegar-water

  5. Goes with any decor

  6. Opt for a thicker “mm” product, since it will be more durable and will not cost much more.



I am not selling a product nor do I have any financial interest in Laminate Flooring, but as a property manager I find this is where I get the best “bang for my buck” in rental unit flooring.

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