I Got Rid of My Cable Company— or Nice Knowing You, Please Close The Door On Your Way Out—-


I admit: I hate cable companies—no need to mention any names here, just making a general statement. The “bundled” packages (cable, phone, wireless) cost a bundle as far as I am concerned and/or you have to place some ugly satellite dish on your balcony or roof. Not even mentioning having to deal with the rudeness of the Customer Reps, waiting for the cable guy to show up, or “hold time” on the phone when you have a problem.


I recently decided to do the annual review of my telecommunications usage and see where I could cut back and jump on the “freebie” or “low cost” highway.


To start, I opted for Vonage digital phone. They have been around for a long time, but they just added a basic package ($9.99 month) although you do need wireless internet. This is perfect for my fax line (I have myfax but on occasion I need to send a hard copy.I also like the phone line availability when I have cell phone issues or am low on minutes. myfax has a FREE trial.) Vonage then sends you a FREE black box, which you plug into your wireless router. So easy even a caveman could do it!



Next was the issue of the T.V.—well I do admit—I like CNN and the occasional reality show or sitcom, but I can’t justify spending $75/month on something I watch a few hours/week. Enter Roku, the answer to my dreams. I have  been a Netflix customer for years: great for movies and documentaries. Did you know you could watch Netflix movies on your T.V.? BUT you must have a “streaming device” probably not limited to the following:– a Blu-Ray player, X-box or Roku.I did some research about Roku, which lets you stream tons of entertainment (Hulu, Amazon VOD, music on Pandora, Flickr) on your T.V. They just came out with their new Roku HD– cost: $59.00. That’s it! NO monthly fees—you own the equipment (get this–it’s a box measuring 1″ X 5″)—no more giant black boxes sitting under your flat screen, taking up space and collecting dust— and the world of entertainment is yours.All this and a 30 day money back guarantee.Good-bye cable company!


I have yet to hook up this Roku thigga-ma-jiggy but it’s supposed to be pretty easy….maybe even a Realtor can do it!







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