Customer Service-It’s FREE and Vital To Your Success!



Being in a position of managing property I often look for vendors who can do various jobs. I recently had the following experience with a cleaning company.

I was searching for a top-notch cleaning company that could do more than drag  a damp mop across the floor. I contacted 4 vendors since I was in a time crunch with this new Listing. One contact was on “Linked-in” and I sent them an e-mail. I got a one line response from someone’s Blackberry signed with a first name  about 2 days later. The 2nd vendor called 3 days later, no introduction, and nothing to say after I told her I had needed to speak to someone immediately and thus hired someone else….no “thank you for calling”– nothing. The 3rd vendor never got back to me. The 4th one got back to me by e-mail, and then called me. She explained the mission statement of her business, answered questions and had alot of flexibility in arranging cleaning time. She sent me at least 2 follow up e-mails with authorizations, explanations of the “green” products they use, and References. I “Yelped” this company and sure enough, kudos and praise was lavished on them by a multitude of happy clients.

Guess who got my business? Now their cleaning services may not be any better than the others (after all, clean is clean and many do a decent job). But if you don’t market your business and utilize the internet properly to grab new clients PROMPTLY what’s the point of all the marketing you are doing?

Good old fashioned Customer Service is not “out of style”. It has not disappeared because of Facebook or other social media. It is the backbone of your business. No matter how great your product or service is, without really showing your customers that you care, that you want their business and follow up leads in a timely fashion, your business will not flourish.


Customer Service…it’s FREE! Use it every day to keep your business growing.




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