Solution For House Guests in a Small Space-The Futon of Your Dreams!


I am sure many of you have grown children who live in different cities/states and you go to visit them on occasion. My daughter has her education, but is jut starting out as far as “furnishing” her place goes. Remember those days? Post college, not quite “boards and bricks” wall units but not able to pay $3000 for a couch either. Also needing a space for friends and family to sleep is always an issue.

Being in this industry I am always looking at ways to make small spaces more adaptable to living in this day and age, ie. Dual usages, small sizes and lots of storage options. I really think IKEA has some great, inexpensive products.

I don’t know about you, but if a friend places me “on the couch” for a week, I opt for staying in a hotel. I don’t mean a “sleep couch”, I mean a couch that you just sit or lie on…I treasure my back more than my friend’s feelings.

I found the best sleep option at IKEA and I want to share with my AR friends. It’s a Futon. OK, I know, I used to hate them too until I found the BEDDINGE. It’s not your mother’s futon!

Let me tell you what I love about this Futon:

  1. Opens to a queen sized sleeper

  2. Clean, modern look with hidden frame (hate those old clunky wood Futon frames)

  3. Cover zips into 2 pieces and is easy to wash

  4. Comes with 2 matching throw pillows (the others are from Walmart)

  5. Extra storage underneath

  6. Quilted cover is good quality and works in the living room

  7. ONLY $299.

  8. There are 3 levels of mattresss quality to choose from.

  9. I had a week of super comfortable sleep.

If you need a sleep/living room option and you are lacking space (aren’t we all?), check out the BEDDINGE Futon at IKEA.


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