I Used To Think Texting Was Stupid—-But Look Who’s Laughing Now!

When I first started texting, I always felt a little silly—-like what kind of morons communicate through text messaging, thumbs flying at breakneck speed? It just seemed so impersonal to me and I only texted someone as a joke—-but as technology became more acceptable I realized today how much time texting has saved me……and I am that moron!

I had a move-out this week and  today met my handyman at the property at 9:00 a.m. I like to know the progression of the job and so asked him to update me via text. At 11:00 a.m. I got a text advising me that I may need to call a plumber to replace some old valves. I texted my plumber to meet the handyman at the property and he texted me that he would be there. Then my handyman texted me from Home Depot saying he couldn’t find the kitchen hood vent I wanted, but then found it and texted me back. I then texted my plumber, and he assured me he would be at the house at 4pm to meet my handyman. All this while I was having lunch with a client, and unobtrusively texting while they had to make a call or go to the restroom. 

I got another text from the handyman and he said the storage unit was filled with furniture, thinking it may be the past tenant’s, so I had him send photos to my phone and I sent off to owner who informed me the furniture was his. The last text of the day was my handyman telling me he would not be finished today, so he would lock up, take keys and finish up tomorrow.

I know that had I taken 6-8 phone calls with my handyman and my plumber, alot more time would have been spent than the few seconds it took me to text.

Oh texting, how could I ever have doubted you?  You have saved me at least an hours worth of time today, and made my job a whole lot easier.


Has texting helped you in your business? Share how you use it in your daily business.


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