What I Love About Real Estate-One Of The Best Jobs In The World!


It’s so easy to get down about the current market and to ponder why in the world you chose to go into a such a crazy business. But I think I have one of the most fabulous jobs in the world and here’s why.


There is no glass ceiling-

How many industries can honestly claim that there is no discrimination as to job advancement? Not many. In my business I can advance as far and make as much money as I want. I can structure my income for tax purposes.My age, sex, marital status, religion or weight don’t matter.

Make your own hours-

When my daughter was a baby, I was able to work around her naps and feeding times. Then when she was in grade school, I could put in some time while she was at school. The benefit of not having to place your child in daycare cannot be overstated. Now that she is grown, I am looking forward to cutting down my hours in the next 5 years–and I can also work while I am “retired”. Part-time and mom-time, it makes no difference.

This is the perfect job for working at home. No need to worry about dressing up, commute time or office politics. One can save a bundle of time, money and aggravation.

Leisure pursuits-
Because of my flexible schedule I have been able to pursue horseback riding, going to the gym, and guitar lessons. . I can also grocery shop at off hours and I can make time for buying and preparing healthy food and not having to “eat on the run”. I enjoy a quality of life that most people don’t have time for if they work full time traditional jobs.

Name your specialty-
Don’t like to work with Sellers? Cannot fathom how the financials on an income producing property work? You can work with Buyers, baby boomers, seniors, vacation homes or relocation. Got a hobby? You can market to a specific group of people. The sky’s the limit in this business and you’re in the driver’s seat.

Making friends from all over the place-
I don’t know about you but it’s harder making new friends as I get older. I have made friends from all over the USA and foreign countries, from all walks of life, people I ordinarily would not have met on a regular basis.

Transportable skills-
That’s right— I can work in Boise Idaho, New York City or St.Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. And in this day and age of internet marketing, one doesn’t have to be a lifelong resident of a place to start a business in Real Estate. 


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