Controlling Health Costs: Low Priced Blood Tests in San Diego CA

If you have health insurance that doesn’t cover 100% of all your tests, San Diego CA has a health network held at some of the local stores.


You can get: blood tests (glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides)  ($15-$20 is the usual price compared to several times that at local labs). You also can have your blood pressure taken.

Yesterday I went to Henry’s on Park Blvd in Hillcrest and got a bone density scan. It took 5 minutes, and I got a complete color printout. My gynecologist charges me $150 and I paid $20.

One of the benefits is not having to make a special trip to the doctor’s and having the test done at the same place you go shopping… you save time and money.

 Check out when the next scheduled tests are: Henry’s or Windmill Farms.




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