Facebook: A Great Road Map to Human Psychology

Facebook: A Great Road Map to Human Psychology


I have been on Facebook for about 2+ years now, and although it began as a giant cocktail party for me, I now have advanced to the Facebook Ad Campaigns. I have been using the ad campaign for only 3 weeks so I really can’t comment on how it’s going—I have gotten many clicks though, and the price is reasonable, so it may take several months or even close to a year to know if it has driven enough traffic to my website to make it a long term marketing strategy.

I have gotten to know the many “friends” I have accumulated, and of course most of these are e-friends, friends of friends, colleagues, friends of colleagues, old friends from college, family members, friends of family members etc. What has interested me, though, is the window into someone’s personality Facebook provides.  Silly, you say? Not when you are in a “people” business like Real Estate and where communication is our main focus. Here’s just a few:

The Bragger
You know the type. He is constantly posting to his Wall his fabulous week-end plans, all his fabulous friends and the many fabulous restaurants he has dined in. Life is so fabulous for these folks, I wonder when he gets the time to even post to his Facebook wall? He’s not a bad person, maybe a bit insecure, but hey, aren’t we all?

The Do-Gooder
Let’s change the world and join my GroupsSave the Whales, Save the Planet, Go Green Now, Alternative Energy, Organic Gardening, Yurt Life, Ban Bottled Water, Vegans Unite, Earth Day Forum, Gay Pride and Electric Cars. I am socially conscious too…and these guys are just trying to make the world a better place. I give them a “thumbs up”.

The Photo Queen
I counted one friend who had about 300+ photos of herself and her friends and family, and they all featured her with a huge smile,drink in hand, socializing with a group of people. 
All of them. Week after week–weddings, graduations, parties, and beach blanket bingo. Same smile, over and over and over. I love it when folks are happy!

Self Promoting Realtor
Every wall post is a new Listing, an Open House, a client that loves him, a client that found him on Facebook, a Webinar to “boost your sales”. Hold on— I’m just envious of your success——–I’m a coming to join you!

Farmeville Groupies
Ok how do I politely tell you I don’t want your wooly sheep or rows of corn? I am not quite sure I get this aspect of Facebook, but I notice this is very popular and has no age limit. I guess it’s kind of like cross-word puzzles: there’s no point, really, just a way to pass the time and hone your farming skills. A deep thinker.

Happy Grannies

Pictures— daily— of their little grandchild in different outfits, hats, shoes and seasons. In the swimming pool, under the Christmas tree, playing with the family dog. You got to love a proud grandmother.

If you have noticed other “types” of Facebook friends, feel free to add your comments here. The more types of personalities we can identify, the better we can understand our clients. And that’s a great foundation for any business!



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