Facebook Ads—-I Think I Like This!



In the late 90’s direct mail was the center of my marketing campaign. I was very successful with response and conversion rates, but if you factor in the cost of each piece, the ROI was really not that great. Also, U.S.mail became a less effective way of reaching your target market as the internet usage grew.

At Active Rain Camp I learned about Facebook Ad Campaigns and so decided to try it. It makes alot of sense, because I believe that “targeting your market” is crucial to a successful ad campaign.

Does anyone have any input about Facebook Ads? Any success stories? Applicability to specific niches in R.E? Any ideas on how to target a market that is not just for Buyers (which could be anyone)? CPC or CPM? Bidding your budget? (this confused me). Webinars on AR that were helpful? All input will be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU EVERYONE!

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