5 Good Reasons Landlords Won’t Rent To Dogs—And I Love Dogs!

I don’t hate dogs–quite the contrary. When my daughter was small, we had a loveable Golden Retriever named Bernie. My daughter and he were the best of friends. He would protect her, and lick all of the day’s food off her face before I had a chance to get the facecloth. His loyalty and gratitude to us for being his “people” was never ending. He got cancer at 12 years old and had to be put down. Needless to say it was a devastating event for the entire family. And to this day, every time I see a Golden Retriever puppy I am tempted..but then reality sets in and I realize it just wouldn’t fit into my lifestyle–and I even own my own home!

One of the problems I encounter as a property owner  in San Diego CA is that tenants love dogs too. I don’t allow dogs in any of my properties and I have had to turn away some good tenants. They asked me why I hate animals so much!

Here is a list of the 5 main reasons property owners in San Diego CA do not allow dogs.


Dogs bark. Your dog doesn’t bark at all when you are at work all day and has nothing to do but sit in an empty house, lonely and bored? How would you know? Do you have videotape running? Dogs bark, plain and simple. They are supposed to bark, that is what dogs do. You may not mind it, but I bet your neighbor who works nights and is sleeping during the day does.

Insurance companies deny dog bite claims to owners who own dogs of certain breeds: Pit Bull, Rottweiller and German Shepard to name a few. If your dog is a mutt, he/she may have part of this breed and depending on the amount (they can do a test), your claim can be denied. Sounds crazy? Some insurance companies have Labrador Retrievers as an unwanted breed.  This borders on the ridiculous, as we all know Labradors have to be the kindest dogs on the planet earth. But you may ask what can a 3 pound Chihuahua do? Well they can deliver a nasty bite to an infant. One of my friends was bit on the finger by one and it was a pretty deep bite. Think lawsuit.

Denied Access
If a tenant does not want you in their house, a loose dog will carry out their wishes. Would you as an agent enter a house with a Pit Bull running around? A few years ago, I had a client who desperately needed me to sell his rental house, but the tenant and he had an altercation.  She actually said it was ok to come in, but her 60 pound “friendly”  Pit Bull was loose inside and she had no plans to tether it.. (Oh and did I mention the tenant in the back was breeding rabbits? But I digress)

Destruction of Property and Landscaping
Did you ever see a large dog dig holes? Or a small terrier “tunnel”? You know what I mean when I say destruction. And what about dog excrement that a lazy owner is just too busy to pick up daily? I had a tenant that figured if a dog poops on the snow, then it will just disappear miraculously. Well folks, I can tell you this isn’t the case. In the Spring, after the snow thawed on the 1/2 acre of grass, guess what I found perfectly preserved in small bundles (6 months X 30…get my drift)? It was not a very happy day for me.

Humane Reasons
I don’t know about you, but anyone with a large dog who has no moral problem with it sitting in a small apartment all day gets my vote for “Loser”. It’s cruel and I would feel ethically unable to allow this in my property.Tethering a dog all day in a yard is not an alternative since this leads to boredom and barking.


The time to adopt a dog is when you are settled in a home that you own—-That’s easy!! Become a property owner in San Diego CA.


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