But Officer, Isn’t Talking To My Realtor on My Cell Phone Considered An Emergency?

But officer isn’t talking to my Realtor on my cell phone considered an emergency?

They say bad things happen in “threes”. I had one of those weeks.

My horse didn’t mean to step on my foot. He’s 
just big and I was in the way. There is no way to describe the pain of a large hoof from a 1200 pound animal on your foot. Nevertheless, my toe was black and blue, and skinned right through to my boot, but not broken
….and you think riding boots are just for show?

As I was  driving, my R.E. partner called and I picked up my cell phone to talk to him.(No Bluetooth). He told me our listing in San Diego, CA had fallen out of Escrow—How could that be? I was counting on this Escrow! Almost simultaneously I heard ……….whirrr, whirr….. police sirens….. and flashing lights…… behind my car…..what in the….Oh yeah, talking on my cell phone while driving is illegal in California. Oops. But, hey….. I thought an emergency call was acceptable? Officer approaches my car, asks for license and registration. At the other side of my car is a 2nd police officer, guarding my passenger door like he was fearful I would try to make a run for it, like I was some felon who just got caught fleeing the scene of a bank robbery.

I hand my documents over, feeling guilty and somewhat embarrassed at the people walking by, pointing and staring. “Officer, what was I doing wrong?” I meekly asked. “Talking on your cell phone in San Diego,CA while driving is illegal”, he stated, all the while not blinking an eye. And with a straight face I said :”But I had an emergency call from my Realtor” . And with a very controlled poker-faced because how could he possibly not think this was funny: “I don’t think talking to your Realtor is considered an emergency” he shot back. …and I thought: Really? Well, I beg to differ! A property in San Diego, CA FELL out of ESCROW? Can you imagine a worse emergency than THAT?…. But I kept my silence.

One Citation later, a very bruised toe and a deal that fell out of Escrow is three for me….That’s it for me this week!

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