Medical Tourism is Alive and Well in San Diego, CA–Think FREE VACATION!

Did You Say a FREE Vacation in San Diego? This is For Real…

I was in the Travel Industry for 8 years prior to Real Estate. Traveling became a part of my life, and with the benefits of free airline tickets and deeply discounted Hotel rooms, I used to travel with great frequency…it was almost cheaper to go away for the week-end than it was to stay at home!

Since I moved to San Diego in the mid 90’s, one of the benefits was living within a 20 minute drive of the Mexican border. In recent years, there have been problems with violence and crime and some may be skeptical about crossing the border.

However, Medical Tourism is a huge business, and once people get over the idea that only the best Doctors and Dentists are in the U.S. then this plan may work for them. I still have friends that are appalled that I do this: I get my dental work done in Tiajuana at a fraction of the cost by one of the best Dentists I have ever had. I am not writing this to promote him, and I won’t even mention his name (you can e-mail for it if you want), but the money I save could easily pay for a vacation in San Diego. And going early in the a.m. and back before 11:00 gives me more peace of mind, since it is very quiet in the city at that time. Now I do NOT promote going to just any Dentist, as I would not promote that in any city. But with well-recommended specialists, you can save a bundle.

Example: I had some fairly minor periodontal work, which would have cost $1000+ for $100. I had several good quality crowns replaced…$950 in San Diego, $220 in Mexico. Tooth Whitening, $300-$400 in San Diego, $100 in Mexico. You can easily see how this adds up.

So the purpose of this post is to tell anyone who wants to come to San Diego for FREE to schedule a “Dental Vacation”. You can spend an entire week here if you use the money you would have spent on dental work….and call me to look at property in America’s finest city, lunch on me!


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