Moving: Hassle Free Boxes: Save Money and Save the Planet!

Moving to, within or away from San Diego CA seems to be a very popular lifestyle choice these days. Think about all the trash involved with each move, before and after: packing supplies, boxes, tape etc.

A company called The Box Lady located close to Mission Valley in San Diego, CA has developed a very unique and GREEN solution to keeping these boxes out of the landfill. 


The Box Lady sells used boxes and buys them back. Yup! You do not have to figure out how and where you are going to get (and dispose of) all your moving stuff. All it takes is just your efforts in loading your car up with the boxes after you move and then returning them. The only stipulation is that the boxes are still useable, not broken, wet or smelly.


Wardrobe Boxes are $5.00, dish packs $2.00, Large Boxes are $1.50. (This is seriously cheap. I have seen large boxes for $5.00 or $6.00).Boxes are bought back for about $.50 apiece. Multiply this by 30 or 40 boxes for your average move, and you have not only saved yourself a bundle but you have kept all this trash out of the landfill in San Diego CA.



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