Downsizing in San Diego CA…Being Green and the Basic Honesty of Humanity? WHAT?

When you grow up with “Depression-Era” parents from New England, nothing ever gets thrown out. Re-use, repair and recycle is the mantra I heard constantly. Although I was familiar with “yard sales” , I couldn’t believe the stuff people were selling when I moved to San Diego CA. Items with tags still on them, sporting goods in perfect condition and small appliances that were just months old.


Downsizing? Redecorating? Just Spring cleaning?Too busy to hold a yard sale? Need to sell that stationery bike you never used? Set of golf clubs collecting dust?


I had an idea and it worked great. I am downsizing and have several  small items that are in “useable” condition ……cat litterbox and carrier, small stained bookcase, old folding table and chairs, planters,

etc. Actually most of this stuff was kind of junky and I thought of discarding. (I actually didn’t think anyone would buy a litterbox, but was I surprised by the response!)


I took pictures of all the items and placed them in seperate ads on Craigslist. Although I didn’t care if I made any money on them, so as to avoid placing the ads in the FREE category (where FREE ads tend to get lost) I charged $5.00-$10.00. Besides, a nominal charge always imparts a bit more value to an item.


I got rid of EVERYTHING within a few hours of placing the ads.(one guy was at my house in an hour of placing the ad for some used tile flooring). I put the items in the driveway for pick-up to avoid strangers coming into my home and asked them to place the money in the mailbox .So far everyone has put their cash in the mailbox and nobody has cheated me yet.


So in downsizing, my belief in the honesty and kindness of the human spirit is reinforced AND I did something GREEN for the planet by not throwing this stuff in the landfill.

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