Apple to Be Sued by 2 Companies: Over the iPad


Apple to be sued by 2 companies

That a manufacturer can be sued over a product is old school and
it is sometimes over really stupid things. Apple has irritated a few folks.
The Chinese company Shenzhen Great Loong Brother is planning on suing Apple because the Chinese company says that Apple copied their iPad idea from a tablet the Chinese company has called P88.


The president of the company, Wu Xiaolong, has said that the iPad is identical to their P88 Tablet and even the support is identical.Xialong also said that if the tablet stays in the U.S that there is not much they can do but if the iPad goes to China, that they are not going to have any choice but to sue. They will sue because if the iPad is launched in China it will certainly affect the P88 tablet’s sales which has been on sale for 6 months now.


The difference in the tablets: The P88 tablet has a bigger screen and is heavier. The main differences is that the iPad’s processor is 64GB while the  P88 tablet has 160GB’s. The OS’ are different since the P88 uses Windows, the P88 only has a battery life of an hour and a half compared to the iPads 10 hour battery.Xiaolong has stated that he is very upset with Apple and that he was in disbelief when he saw what the iPad’s final design was.


For the most basic model there is a slight difference in price since the P88 tablet sells for $529 USD compared to the iPads $499 USD starting price. The P88 tablet was registered but since the process take a while (about a year) has said that they could take legal action this Spring.


Fujitsu also has plans to sue for the name no one likes to start with, iPad. We’ll have to wait patiently for the outcome.


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