Sustainably Managed Groundwater Storage System for CHEAP in San Diego CA…..(or how we solved a major water problem)




 I recently landscaped the front of my home  hiring San Diego CA company North Park Native Plants.



  Rocks Forming “Streambed”



Wes Hudson, the owner did a great job using native plants to Southern California and decomposed granite (DG). He aso added a “streambed” wth rocks which I loved! After the first torrential rain (and we have been having a very wet winter here in San Diego CA) we ran into a problem. There was quite a run-off of water from the back yard since the front is on a slope and the deluge of water formed gullies in the DG and washed a lot of it away. It looked awful. I was not very happy, but knew Wes would figure out a way to address the problem. 


The gutter at the side of the house was attached to a downspout and we could have removed the downspout and installed another gutter across the front of the house, channeling the water away into the gutter on the garage. But thinking caps were put on and a bright idea evolved. Water in a San Diego CA climate is like “manna from the gods” and an idea was born: Why not try to save the water in a holding tank and use it to water the garden on dry days……..CHEAPLY. However, we had just gone over budget and I knew I was tapped out but could this idea be achieved for lttle money? You bet!


Wes bought a barrel with a cover (and screen for mosquitoes) and a spigot at the bottom.($75) He cut the downspout at the height of the barrel and voila~ a rain cistern that any desert dweller would be proud of was born. You can attach a standard size hose to the spigot.

Now not only do I have landscaping that has native plants but also a sustainably managed groundwater storage system for a very small $$ investment.


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