What I Love About Lakeside CA-The State Route 52 Sunny Side Gateway Project

What I love About Lakeside,CA…Shhhhhh…Don’t Tell Anyone About Property in Lakeside CA

In 2000 I purchased an investment property in Lakeside CA for a ridiculously low price. Colleagues asked me why I would even think of buying anything in that part of San Diego County. I am not originally from San Diego so I think I possess “eyes for investments” that perhaps locals may not have. The rural feel of the area appealed to me since it was only 30-40 minutes from downtown, and best of all there were horseback riding ranches, horse farms and riding trails. Now I come from greater Boston, where one cannot affordably have a horse anywhere that is close to the city. Cold winters require heated barns and water sources and monthly boarding costs are prohibitively expensive. To say nothing about the notorious traffic problems out of the city.Warmer climates eliminate the need for “housing” for the horses and thus the expense of boarding is less. The fact that I could have a Real Estate business, live in a close-to-urban environment AND then go riding a couple of times per week with minimal traffic problems……….pinch me, I’m dreaming!


In 2007 there was a plan called  Sunny Side Gateway Project to extend the 52 from the SR-125 to the SR-67 in Lakeside. This will improve access to western and northern parts of the county, where as now one must travel down the SR-67 to the SR-8 West, a circuitous route taking about 45-50 minutes to get to North County San Diego. In 2010 when the 52 is complete, a trip from Lakeside to the coast and North County will be under 30 minutes. What do you think that means for property values in Lakeside?


On a recent trip to Lakeside I stopped at the downtown area on Maine St. and walked around. Mixed in with the bucolic mountains and Lindo Lake park (a 46 acre park in the center of town) a few minutes walk away, there was a bustling shopping district with new stores, businesses, and much more foot traffic then I ever remembered.  A Tack and Feed Store, Mexican Restaurant and a Yoga Studio give Lakeside its California western flair but it still retains its small town ambience. Condos, homes and land are priced well compared to other parts of East County.Contact me to buy or sell Lakeside CA Real Estate.

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