People of China and Morocco


When I travel my favorite subject to photograph are people, who I prefer don’t know I am photographing them. Most of these are posed, but I think I captured their essence well. All were taken on recent trips to China and Morocco.

I took this photo simply because this man was so eager to pose and he had one of the most ineresting and pleasant faces. He was a guard at one of the many Mosques in Rabat, Morocco.

This is a sad commentary on the poverty in parts of Morocco. A mother and child were begging on the streets of Marrakech, Morocco where panhandling is notorious. In recent years the police have cut down on begging, as the aggressiveness of the young beggars (and they can be as young as 5 or 6 years old)  scared tourists away. I had been there 10 years previous and had definitely noticed the difference.

This photo of a litle boy was one I really liked. It was taken in a desert town in Morocco  as we were passimg through and stopped for lunch. At first he was shy, then decided this is fun after all!

The man in this photo was playing the fiddle in a small Pagoda in a park off the main square at Tiannenmen Square in Beijing. What I found interesting was that a “soloist”– seemingly a native passer-by in a leather jacket and jeans– was loudly singing the Chinese National Anthem to the sound of the “violin”.

This is perhaps one of my favorite shots because I can still hear the music and feel the energy. Wandering the back alleys of Essaoiura on the coast of Morocco we came across an impromptu band, and this drummer was probably one of the most talented musicians I had witnessed.

This photo was taken in a small Village in Morocco in the Atlas Mountains. These 3 little girls were on their way to school. We had brought pens and notebooks for the children, who stared in wonderment at these amazing gifts.

The following photo was taken in Suzhou China. Children make the best subjects and have that “unselfconscious” quality that make for amazing photos…even if the photographer is less than perfect. I took this little one by surprise. He was helping his mother load bags of rice and had obviously never seen a Westerner before!




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