5 Money Saving Tips For Selling Your Home in San Diego, CA

Tricks of the trade to help you get top dollar



 One of the biggest turn offs is a house filled with clutter. Most Buyers will be turned off by personal photos, memorabilia and keepsakes. Plan on boxing up these items and storing in the garage. Remember, a Buyer wants to imagine themselves living in your home and too many personal items negate that goal.

Ideas: Stack books vertically to create some interest and open space on a bookshelf. Buy some inexpensive baskets from IKEA for storing CD’s and other small items and place on bookshelves.


 Maximize the light in your home. Dark rooms are depressing and do not show off the beauty of a room.Take down heavy drapes and opt for more translucent fabric or none at all. Clean the windows, change lampshades and increase the wattage of your lightbulbs. You would be amazed at the difference that lighting can add to a room.

Painting:The biggest bang for your buck is a fresh coat of paint. Think about a “one wall” accent in a designer shade.Buy a gallon of paint and do 2 rooms I have had some of the best comments from prospective Buyers marveling over the color on an accent wall.

Kitchen Cabinet Door Pulls: 

I recently took off old worn knobs from a kitchen cabinet and replaced with new hardware. This is a very inexpensive idea and creates a fresh look for your kitchen cabinets. Keep it simple and if you have a “one-hole” knob, stick with a new “one-hole” knob, so all you have to do is unscrew the old handle and replace with the new one. I was recently asked if I got new kitchen cabinets.


You can typically get 100% return  on the money you put into your home’s curb appeal. It doesn’t have to be a major investment of time or money. Freshly planted flowers and new mulch go a long way. Well trimmed bushes and trees create a neat and cared for appearance. I recently tore out my lawn and replaced with decomposed granite and drought tolerant plants: no small selling point for a desert climate like San Diego. It was not terribly expensive, and I know my house will be up there in Buyer approval when they see my tiny water bill.


This is one of my pet peeves (pun intended). Many folks do not like animals. They dislike the smell and the fur all over the place. A bounding 40 lb. dog ready to lick your face is enough to make some buyers turn around and leave. Ditch the litter box and if you can’t get them out of the house entirely, keep the animals contained for showings.



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