GO NATIVE……..Native Plants that is….

 Water Water Everywhere Nor any Drop to Drink………..

Hopefully this will remain just a line in Coleridge’s poem “Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner” and not a reality. 

The price of water in San Diego County has risen sharply, and many people are trying to conserve as best they can. 50%-60% of a household’s water usage is spent on landscaping. If that isn’t enough to make you rip out your lawn blade by blade and “hard-top” it, I don’t know what is.

But alas, there is a less drastic measure to be taken and one your neighbors will thank you for…..that is called….**drum roll** Xeriscape, landscaping and gardening in ways that reduce the need for supplemental irrigation.

I first met Wes Hudson when we both worked at the same R.E. company. When I heard he opened up a Landscape Design business North Park Native Plants I was quite eager to talk to him. 

North Park Native Plants in San Diego is a local small business that focuses on combining 2 environmental concerns:

The successful use in residential garden settings of local native
plants that make up the natural habitats that surround us in San
Diego. The need to address the growing water crisis in California by replacing water guzzling lawn with gardens that can thrive with no additional water beside rain, once they are established.




North Park native, Wes Hudson working on my landscaping.

 Did you hear this? NO watering the lawn. EVER.I was already making plans for how I was going to spend the extra money.I was in love…….I just had to have it.

So I hired Wes to design and landscape my yard.

Day#1 saw the destruction of my pathetic yard and removal of all the top soil. Then a round of spraying the ground with weed-killer for 2 weeks, then respraying the new growth. After the lawn looked like a lunar landscape, the fun began! A giant truckload of Decomposed Granite (DG) was dumped on the drive way. A layer of black vinyl was first placed onto the old lawn bed then the DG went on top of that. A multitude of drought tolerant plants came next, some quite prickly (near the sidewalk to discourage dogs and bad neighbors). So far, I was amazed at the beautiful results even though it may take a year before they fill out and reach full height.

These plants look sparse now but wait until next year.One of the beauties of Native Plants is the way they naturally reflect the seasons in our particular climate. Wes tells me that there could be a
60% reduction in total water usage!

Still my beating heart!

Call Wes for a free estimate. He knows his stuff, is fairly priced and is fun to work with.

North Park Native Plants. 




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