10 Painless (And GREEN) Ways To Save Money…..

Sure, I can:

Ride my bike instead of my car. (try riding a bike on the So Cal freeways). Eliminate Starbuck’s from my daily routine (aww, this hurts). Brown bag it daily (hate making sandwiches in the morning). Sit in my dark, cold house with no lights on…..(enough said)!!

   But I have found 10 painless ways to save money in San Diego:

1. Use the clothes dryer for 2 minutes to “fluff” the fabric, then hang on a rack in the sun.

2. Change all light bulbs to “low energy”.

3. Recycle plastic grocery bags to use in the trash.

4. Check fees at your bank. I did some comparison shopping for small business accounts and even though there was only $20/difference a month,it’s money in my pocket, not theirs.

5.”Sun-blocking” curtains & ceiling fans reduce heat (and cold) thus lowering energy costs substantially.

6. Check your cell phone carrier & cable t.v. providers regularly. They don’t want to lose you to the competition, and often have “new programs” to offer you. I just saved $20/month from my Verizon wireless bill, & $30 from my cable bill, with not much difference in my old service plan.

7.. Sign up for SKYPE, and lighten up your monthly cell minutes. For $2.95 month, you can call unlimited within the USA, and for a bit more, all through Europe.

8. Stop paying high prices for “processed” foods. You will not only save significant $$, but you will be much healthier.

9. Stop buying bottled water. My refrigerator has a “filtered water system”. If you do not have this, you can purchase Brita Water Filtration System at Target and filter your own water. Or use both and have double-filtered water.

10. Stop buying software. I found Avira (anti-virus) and Open Office (replaces Microsoft Office) both online for FREE. Google.docs now offers FREE web-based templates

 Using the above methods I save over $100/month………….. and I have some of the lowest utility bills in my San Diego neighborhood.


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