At Risk Teens…….there may be an answer!


It’s been awhile since I have been in High School. I know I am dating myself with tales of school marms in long dresses and grey hair pulled back in a bun….not a glimmer of a smile on their faces. Always holding the deadly wooden ruler in their hand. In those days a “rap” across your knuckles was not out of the question.

School for me in Boston was torture. I attended Girls’ Latin School, one of the strictest and most regimented in the nation. I was not a good student, and had way too much energy. But I managed to graduate and go onto college and professional school, so I must have learned something.

I know times have changed.While I was out today, I walked by an open house at a local shopping center of the “Diego Hills Charter School” in San Diego CA. I was intrigued by their sign which said “One on One” and “Independent Study” and “Attend as little as 3 hours/week”. Diego Hills Charter School in San Diego CA is a brand new public school. Any high school student (age 14-19) can enroll FREE. The workload is geared to each individual student while taking into account obligations and unusual family circumstances. Some teens just work better in a more personalized environment.There is also independent study and free tutoring.

The mission of Diego Hills Charter School in San Diego CA is to engage students who are no longer a part of the traditional High School setting. If a student needs to make up classes to graduate, this may be the place for them. Of course the student would have to be pretty self-motivated to embark upon a curriculum like this, but what a great way to “rescue” at risk youths and allow them to finish their education.

All I know is that I would  love to have had the option to attend a school like this when I was in my teens. This just may be the answer for a teen in transition or one who has dropped out and is a fearful of going back to a traditional setting. With so much support, it seems to be a recipe for success.

If you have a teen in transition, call Diego Hills Charter School in San Diego CA at 619-286-0312 or check out their web-site

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